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Objectivity - consultants commit their time and skills to each assignment free of legacy conflicts of interest and time.

Whatever the change required we need to be sure we are working with facts. Observations, reports (whether verbal and data generated ) need to be collected, verified, structured and understood before we can take a position on what and how to implement change.

Whatever the motivation or method employed (Top Down or Bottom Up), recognition for the need for change needs to be planned, communicated and supported with confidence.

Confidence in our work enables us to promote a positive attitude in those around us. Typically assignments continue to improve performance and profits long after we leave.

The range of projects we have undertaken is too varied to list here and in our experience clients rarely want off-the-shelf solutions.

If you want further information or an informal chat about what is currently on your mind?

Top Down refers to managing changes necessary to meet long term objectives by working downwards through the management structure and systems.  Top down requires a long term implementation strategy designed to bring about a lasting change in organisational performance and culture.  Good for managing corporate culture, supporting capital equipment investment programmes or the introduction of new management systems.

A Bottom Up approach takes a critical look at every aspect of the business process, resource inputs, (utilisation, efficiency cost effectiveness etc.) and quantifies each contribution to bottom line performance. 

Controls and management reporting systems are either refined or installed from the bottom up (Supervisors to Director), to ensure that every minute and financial input is directed in the most cohesive and cost-effective series of controlled processes to ensure success.

 The bottom up approach challenges legacy systems and practices, enables off-schedule events and problems to be recognised and remedied by team supervisors as they occur. Supervisor control reports manage progress on an hourly, weekly basis feeding MIS reports progress and variance against plan and budget upwards, in a structured and timely manner.  Back to Top