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Consultancy Support has worked in almost every sector.

A selection of previous Clients

Abbey National,  Aluminium Bahrain,  American Express,  Bestobell,  British Aerospace,  BTR  Cambridge Electronic Industries,  Cambridgeshire CC,  Campbell's,  Cochrane Shipbuilders,  Doulton Insulators,  EMI Financial Services,  Essex TEC,  Ford Motor Company,  Gloucestershire CC,  Halifax Building Society,  Hutchison Westports,  Ind Coope,  Iveco Ford,  John Brown Engineering,   London Regional Transport,  Magnox,  National Environment Research Council,  Neve Electronics,  Otley College,  Perkins Engines,  Oyster Marine,  Polycell,  P & O Ferries,  Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk Management Development College,  Suffolk Waste Disposal,  Thompson Regional Newspapers,  Unigraph,  Vickers,  Weetabix,  Whitworths.